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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest Newsletter, the first for 2015.
2014 was not a good year for many people—it was a 7 year—definitely not my favourite numerology number. But 2015 is an 8 and that IS a good one.

Our holiday is almost over and 2015 looks like it is going to be busy!

Lots of new workshops, new facilitators and some exciting things coming up.
I would like to introduce some new “JOPO associates” – Firstly Monday Night Meditation with Marcie. Some of you will know Marcie as she is often seen assisting in the shop. Her Meditation will be quite different from Doris’s Tuesday night one, although don’t worry Doris will be back with us on Tuesdays. Unfortunately Caterina is unable to continue her class this year, but we now have Lisa to run the beginners Psychic Development and Domenica will be running the intermediate/ advanced Psychic Development. (Caterina will still be available for Readings on Saturdays)
Jane has also joined us and her tutorials will be Past Life, Manifesting/Releasing & Connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides. Jasmine has returned to do a couple of nights Restorative Sound Healing (love the Tibetan bowls & gongs) and if these nights prove to be a success—she will be a regular at JOPO. Ruth will have a new one too Body Traits —she has been studying Face reading and this one should be very interesting. Rory Nash will also be joining us with his workshop “Are You Co-Dependant ? Rory & Michele are a wonderful couple who do amazing work and I am sure many of you will find this a useful session. Most of us are co-dependent at times but do not want to admit it—yes I’ve been guilty too. Some details of the workshop are here, but due to lack of space I have included more details on the website.
Kerrie Mc & Kristie will join us for a great new workshop “Spiritual Beginnings”. This will be a good workshop for those not prepared to commit to 5 weeks of Psychic Development or for those wanting to further learn from different teachers.
Kerry E has a fascinating night planned “Transform your Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils” – they don’t just smell good, lets see what else they can do. Doris has a great new workshop too—”Create your Best Reality” – over 4 nights—this will be popular.

Our workshops bookings will now close TWO WEEKS prior to the event. The facilitators and myself work hard to put these workshops together and I get very frustrated when I have to cancel due to lack of numbers and then field phone calls from customers complaining that it is not on when they want to book the day before or even on the day!! I have booked concert tickets 12 months ahead—all I am asking is one month. Please. The exception is Psychic Development—it’s starting early.

A couple of Platform nights are planned for the cooler months—so keep your eye out on Facebook and our Website.

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Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony