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Lots of Workshops happening—we have even had to include an extra page to cover them all!!
Some new people to welcome—Claudia who will be facilitating the Coffee Cup Reading Workshop, Relaxation & Self Massage Techniques (set for Friday evening on purpose—so you can really enjoy your weekend) and Find Answers in the Oracle Cards. Looking forward to all of them. Claudia is an experienced teacher in the industry and a delightful girl as well, I’m sure you will enjoy her workshops.
Rory is back with his Boundaries Workshop—if it is anything like Co-Dependency, you will not want to miss this. Michele Nash, an accomplished speaker joins us to introduce Time-Line Therapy®. An interesting concept, I am looking forward to learning more. Michele is a special lady whom I greatly admire.
Both Domenica and Lisa will continue with the Psychic Development circles—always more to learn and from all reports everyone is enjoying these Wednesday nights.
Carole is back this year with a few Essential Oil workshops—she is an amazing Aromatherapist who has studied world wide—not much she doesn’t know about those oils.
Unfortunately Monday Evening Meditation had to be cancelled for April as Marcie had to have some surgery. I am pleased to advise all went well and she should be back on deck in May—wishing you a speedy recovery Marcie.
Be it workshops or products—there is always something new here at JOPO. We recently introduced a range of beautiful candles—soy, 30 hour burn and the fragrances are divine. My favourite is Lime, Basil & Mandarin although Cherry Blossom comes a close second.
My Angel supplier has recently released a mini version of Archangel Michael—only 5cm/2” high—just small enough for the car dashboard or anywhere you wish to place him to have him near. New white sage incense too—triple strength—love it.
I’m hoping to entice someone who we all love to see back to Sydney during the winter months to join with a new medium I have been told good things about for a Platform Night—more about this later. Also the possibility of a Platform Night featuring our very own students—exciting—yes.
Many times I have been asked to do a calendar of events for all the workshops, well it has finally hit the top of my “TO DO” list so hopefully between Kris (my computer whizz friend) and myself this should become a reality on the website very soon. Fingers crossed.
We are approaching my favourite time of year, cooler weather, hot chocolate, fluffy dressing gowns and curling up with a great book—bliss. Enjoy and I hope to see many of you at our new and regular workshops.

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