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Hello everyone and welcome to our latest Newsletter.

Can you believe come September JOPO will have been in Revesby 6 years!!!

This time has gone so fast, yet people, including locals are still saying “are you new here?” When we say how long we have been here they are really surprised.  I do know, that those who need us, find us.

We have more events and workshops coming up, and as the weather warms I’m sure many of you will be enjoying the variety of things JOPO has to offer.

A first at JOPO will be book-signing and workshop with Tracey Jewel. Tracey has recently completed her book “Goddess Within”.  It is full of inspirations to open up the Goddess Energy in us all. Tracey will do a talk about Goddess energies, energy manifestation  and if you purchase her book you will receive a free Goddess Gift Bag (or Goddess Goody bag as I prefer to call it).  Best of all this workshop is FREE, but you must book in to reserve your place.

The Inner Spirit Circle needs some more participants. This workshop is a great place to start your spiritual journey. Andrea is a bit of a nurturer, and likes to draw peoples gifts out gently, but to practice some of the exercises we need more people!! If you have wanted to learn more, this group is for you. Fun, learning and like minded people—what more could you ask for? Don’t forget the short Remote Viewing & Space Clearing workshops in Aug, these may not be on again until next year. Don’t miss out!

John Edward has a new book called Infinite Quest. It is one of the most down to earth books regarding Spiritual work that I have read, and believe me I’ve read a few. Currently I am reading “Growing Up in Heaven” by James van Praagh, so far it is brilliant, a great read especially for anyone who has suffered the loss of a child. Miscarriage, abortion and stillbirth are all discussed and possible causes outlined. Sylvia Brown has some new cards—My Spiritual Reading Deck. There are 74 cards, the artwork and messages are very different from the norm—definitely worth a look.

Jan & I spent a day with Sharon to learn some new Tie Dyeing techniques—we now own these amazing Pixie Sox—but don’t expect them in the shop—they were a bit of a pain to do 🙂 Sharon will be back 30th July to wow us with colour again, do join us, it really is a fun afternoon and you can proudly wear what you make. We are able to order extra dyes if required.

Own sterling silver pendants, chains etc? You  will be happy to know that we now have in stock silver cleaning cloths. I have had one of this brand for a while now and know it works well. We also have a few Gold cleaning cloths.

We have some new crystals which I purchased last week together with some new pieces of Inca Calcite—I can’t help myself—it’s stunning!! One piece is HUGE and beautiful—approx 8.5kg!! I was checking the internet to see who else stocked it and came across a piece that weighed 3.8kg—the price $1900 !!!!!  Wow—you will get 8.5kg for a lot less than that at JOPO.

The online shop is still a work in progress. I now have a new respect for data entry operators!!


Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony