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Technology has finally caught up with JOPO—or possibly the other way around. Thanks to Doris,  JOPO is now on Facebook!  I am still on my “L plates” but Doris, Carole and some others have been posting their events. I will get up to speed—I promise. In the meantime if you can please “like” JOPO on Facebook—the more likes the better.

More telephone woes. Those of you with Telstra lines, will have received the message “This number is disconnected”. Well I can assure you it is not! The techos are working on it and it will be fixed—or so I am assured. Frustration plus.

It was disappointing that a number of recent workshops did not proceed due to lack of numbers. I guess the weather had a lot to do with it as once you are home it can be difficult to venture out again. We have decided to have a quiet August and September and save most of the  great new workshops until later in the year, with the exception of MayLees new Energy Dance and Voice Healing.   Our regulars will still be happening, so you won’t miss your Meditation, Inner Spirit Circle, Insight Café or Pangentas. The Painting and the Pendulum Workshops as well as the Indian Head Massage will proceed in August.

Commencing in August Jan will be available for Spiritual Healing here at JOPO. If you have never experienced this form of healing there is a mini session of 15 minutes so you can sample this relaxing modality. For those who want more—1/2 hour and 1 hour sessions are available. Please ring for details of times etc.

New crystals are always arriving and I am expecting a shipment of new pendants too. These were expected last week, so should be arriving any day now.

Our book supplier has changed hands and for the moment CDs & DVDs are very limited. We are trying to find an alternative source, so hopefully your old favourites will be back in stock very soon.

Doris has completed some wonderful new paintings and these are on display at JOPO. Prices for these pieces are very reasonable but if you would like to complete your very own masterpiece, just book into her Painting Workshop Sunday 26th and you will take home one you can say “I painted this!”

Marcie has been busy creating more of her stunning jewellery. Her pieces too are on display at JOPO. It’s really great to be able to showcase these two local “artists”. I hope you support them too.

This week when bringing in my now open flag at 5.30 I noticed it was still daylight—hey the days must be getting longer as it doesn’t seem that long ago when 5.30 felt like the middle of the night.

That’s about it for now.

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