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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest Newsletter.

Your will notice the lack of dated Workshops in this Newsletter. We are giving things a rest until the end of the year and will revisit possibilities in 2016.
Although if enough people are interested in a particular workshop we will definitely put it on for you. Details of various workshops will still be on the website but I’m turning it over to you to let me know what you want.
I know many wish to do Reiki I & Reiki II — Lindsay will always make herself available to share her knowledge. Most if not all of the other facilitators here at JOPO are also willing. We just need to know who wants what. To register either email: or telephone the shop (Wed-Sat) on 9785 0798

So what’s in the Newsletter—lots of information about new crystals that we have procured. I have also repeated a section from a 2011 Newsletter which I think is important as Crystal Elixirs have been mentioned recently. There is a list of about 10 crystals that contain dangerous chemicals—I will add to this list over the coming Newsletters. Crystals are beautiful but can be dangerous if used without knowledge. To be on the safe side always wash your hands after using your crystals, especially before preparing food, handling children or pets.

Salt Lamps are back in stock, the usual smaller ones and a few large ones as well.
These large ones are great for the living/lounge room—be quick as there are only a couple of each. Prices range from $35 to $120.

New crystals—Larvikite tumbled, Gold Sheen Obsidian tumbled and Dragons Blood Jasper tumbled. All are beautiful.
Some really lovely Generators—Lemon Quartz, Tourmaline, Dragons Blood Jasper. Bloodstone Oblisks, Elestial Quartz pieces. Chevron Amethyst Thumbstones, Message stones in various crystals.

Scott Alexander King has some new cards Nature’s Wisdom Message Cards out—we have them in stock now.

Rachelle Charman has a Crystal Healing Oracle Workshop coming up this month (23rd) at Cronulla. Her workshops are amazing, actually she is pretty amazing. This is an Accredited & Certified Workshop facilitated by Rachelle. If you book and use the code CASN01 you will receive a 5% discount!!

My little break away in June did not quite go as planned. Queensland was colder than Sydney & it rained every day—oh well next time.

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Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony