August-September 2010 News

By July 28, 2010News


Hello everyone and welcome to our latest Newsletter.

Loraine and I had the most amazing weekend at the “Lisa Williams Mediumship Australia”, recently.  Lisa is a delightful girl, so real, down-to-earth and no ego. She shared her experiences, both Spirit and personal so freely, we all (all 1000 of us) felt she was talking just to each of us. Lisa was on stage the full two days, her normal energetic self and when we caught up with her about 7.30pm on Sunday she was still as fresh as she had been first thing Saturday morning. Still buzzing I think were her words. It is wonderful to see someone enjoying what they do—the Sunday afternoon readings were very emotional but very healing too.

People came from Perth, Tasmania, New Zealand and Singapore plus many from Sydney, Melbourne and of course the locals. A very mixed bunch but the energy was good and it was great to see the number of males in the group. Kelvin Cruickshank came over from New Zealand and he was the first face I recognized, alas I’m not good on names but pretty ok with faces—so of course said “Hi—how are you doing” as if to an old friend, Kelvin being the gentleman he is answered in a friendly manner and then probably thought who is that crazy woman—I don’t know her. It wasn’t until Loraine reminded me that we had been at his show a few months ago that I realized who is was—never mind at least he knew there was one friendly Aussie at the workshop. Unfortunately that wasn’t the first time I’d done this and probably won’t be the last—I might sometimes get a puzzled look but I usually get a friendly reply.

Now I guess you want to know what’s happening here at JOPO—Shine Your Light went really well. Lindsay has a very powerful voice, so I was just a little concerned about the glass in the shop 🙂 I should not have worried—she performed beautifully, (and just loud enough). Eleven inspirational songs, with words of wisdom in between made this a night to remember. For those who missed out, Lindsay will no doubt be returning very soon.

Kerrie Wearing has returned from overseas, and although extremely busy has made time to do a Mediumship Workshop with us 21st October.

Anyone intrigued by Hypnotherapy?  Luke Dixon’s  “Evolve Your Life with Hypnosis and NLP” will be a great introduction for you. Luke, a clinical hypnotherapist, will do a short workshop Wed 4th August  from 7pm  and if you then want more—a full day on Sun 5th Sept. For those of you curious about the Spiritual/Intuitive Awareness 101, Doris will be having a discussion night to tell you all about this amazing series of workshops. Keep Monday 2nd August free and come along and quench that curiosity of yours. No cost and you can join us for a cuppa afterwards. Suzy’s Angel & Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop was wonderful, although fewer participants than I had expected, we had a great day. Suzy has a delightful nature and dragged out (at least in my case) our drawing skills—to say I was surprised— what started out as an old man finished up a youngish woman—Spirit playing tricks at my expense I think. Susy will be back with us Sunday 10th October for another great day. JOPO has been paid some lovely compliments, but my favourite is that our workshops are very nurturing, it’s humbling for us that people feel this way.

Meredith Collins has joined with Kerrie Wearing to present a first of its kind event for all of us who work in the Mind, Body, Spirit area. See My Editorial for details. Free Information Night Friday 30th July 7.30—ring to book in.

We have some great workshops and events ahead at JOPO, if you wish to attend then book in early to avoid disappointment.

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Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony