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Hi all,

This Newsletter just comes around so fast. The layout this time is a little different.Workshop details are listed in date order on page 2 . The Meditations have been grouped together and upcoming workshops have been listed too. If you are interested in any of the upcoming ones just give us a call or email and we can let you know when dates are finalized.  Readings and healings are listed on page 3 too.

We are so pleased to report Caterina Rosa is back working again. For various reasons Caterina  had to step back from her healing and reading work but she is now at JOPO on Mondays for appointments. You must book in with her, sorry I can’t take bookings otherwise we could double book. Her contact details are given on page 3.

Veronica is another we welcome to JOPO. Veronica is a coffee reader and she is quite a talented one too. She is available on Thursdays at JOPO but again appointments need to be booked.

Ruth our Tarot reader is on site most Wednesdays.

It is great to be able to offer a variety of readers to you.

Doris will be trialing a daytime group from 3rd September for 3 weeks. Many have asked for this type of Morning daytime Meditation so please support Doris.

We don’t usually advertise outsiders but Jasmine is an exception. I attended her “Restorative Sound Healing Workshop” recently and was so impressed with it. Jasmine uses bowls, bells and this amazing gong. The sounds and vibrations are like nothing I have encountered before. The group is run in the old Arnotts Biscuits building in North Strathfield or what I consider Homebush. Boy has that place changed! I remember the old building and what they have done with it is so good. You need to book in but definitely worth the experience.

Recently I read Spirit Children by Charmaine Wilson. What a great read. Charmaine, like many good mediums has not had the easiest of lives, but her work connecting parents with children they have lost is just such a passion. I could not put this book down.

My other recent read was The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield. I purchased the book but thought I had better re-read his others first as it has been years since I first read them. Isn’t it amazing when you go back to a book and get something different from it. I know these books are supposedly just stories  but upon reading The Twelfth Insight could not help but wish many politicians and religious leaders would read it too—just may give them their own insight.

Another crystal shopping day and purchased two beautiful small amethyst caves, the inclusions are just stunning—check them out when next in the shop. I have my eye on a Citrine one too.

New “Tatoo Oracle Cards” should be arriving this week along with Indigo Angel Cards and Crystal Bible 3 is being released in September—yes it is on order.

Kamini Frankincense Perfumed Oil has arrived too.

Thanks to Marcie for our page 4 gem this month.

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Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony