Book Review: Crystals R For Kids

By July 8, 2017Books

‘Crystals R For Kids’ by Leia A Stinnett is a fantastic book for children to learn all about the wonders of crystals. Children are usually drawn to crystals without even knowing about them. This book is a wonderful guide and so well written so that children can easily understand how to choose, program and cleanse a crystal. It explains how crystals are formed and uses affectionate terms such as “Charley Citrine” and “Amy Amethyst” in a story book description. JOPO are very proud to stock this beautiful book, available in store for a very affordable $14.

To accompany this book, JOPO have some beautiful crystal boxes, perfect for children to start their own collection. Each crystal has its own compartment and is labelled clearly to know the name of each crystal. A card for each crystal explains clearly the crystal name and its properties so that your child can learn all about their collection. See below for pictures of these lovely crystal boxes. Available in store. The 12 pack is priced at $60 and the 26 pack is priced at $130. We have a HUGE selection of tumbled stones, perfect for children if you wish to purchase separately.

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Not recommended for children under the age of 3.