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By April 3, 2017Books

If you are after an easy to understand way of learning about crystals, then I recommend the following books by Judy Hall.

The Crystal Bible – Volume 1 – Covers all the major stones currently available and many lesser known, recently discovered crystals. Beautifully illustrated, this is a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colours and applications. The directory format enables you to find a known crystal instantly or to identify an unknown crystal.

The Crystal Bible – Volume 2 – Provides an essential companion reference to the original bible, fully describing the properties of over 200 crystals not found in volume 1.

The Crystal Bible – Volume 3 – Showcases over 250 new-generation stones for healing and spiritual alchemy. This third volume of the best-selling Crystal Bible presents more than 250 new generation, high-vibration stones for healing and transformation

Crystal Prescriptions – Volume 1 – The A-Z Guide to Over 1,200 Symptoms and Their Healing Crystals Listing over 1,200 symptoms, this is a practical first-aid guide based on sound crystal-healing principles that have been practiced for millennia. Crystals are a gentle, non-invasive system of holistic healing with no side effects. Suitable for children and animals, they can also benefit your environment and your home.

Crystal Prescriptions – Volume -2 – The A-Z guide to over 1,250 conditions and their new generation healing crystal. This second AZ directory by the author of The Crystal Bibles introduces a new generation of healing stones. Many are fresh to the market and have exceedingly high vibrations that raise consciousness to the next level of awareness whilst still having practical healing applications.

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