Channel Writing

By October 18, 2017Chanelling

Today on the Blog we talk about Channel writing also known as Automatic Writing.

Have you ever tried this? Have you ever heard of it?

Channel writing is a form of channelling, and is done when one opens up to Spirit and the creativity of words that arise, forming sentences and messages.

Anyone can do it, in fact it is quite a fun thing to do! Channel writing is often one of the first spiritual gifts that one is open to, paving the way for a clearer path to other gifts.

It is very easy to learn as long as you are open to inspiration coming through in the form of writing, ideas and messages which will flow freely. In this state, there is little resistance from the ego mind and therefore nothing blocking the transmittance of messages.

The mere action of having a pen in your hand with a blank piece of paper signifies to your brain that there is going to be some sort of information coming through. It also opens up the intention for the process to flow and therefore continue to stream information.
Sometimes, although you don’t think you put up barriers to receiving messages, the mere thought of NOT being able to receive is a blockage in itself. So in channel writing, the ego mind is at ease and allows the flow.

Once you commit to allow communication to flow from the realms of Spirit, have fun with it! Start writing anything that comes to you, whether it be a word, a colour, a random thought. You may even find that you start to write lyrics from a song. Keep going. Soon, you will be freely writing.

Often, once you have written a few sentences, you might read back through it and think ‘Did I write that?’ This will definitely be a channelled message!

**12 handy tips for successful Channel Writing**

1. Set your space. Relax. Take a few deep breaths.
2. Set your intention that you will be open to receive any messages, words or inspiration that will come through.
3. Have a pen and paper with you.
4. Call in your protection. Ask your Angels and Spirit guides to protect you.
5. Imagine a beam of white light streaming down upon you, flowing right through your feet anchoring you to the earth. By doing this, you are grounding yourself.
6. Breathe deeply.
7. Ask your Guides/Angels for a message for your highest good.
8. Put pen to paper and let the words flow without filtering.
9. Don’t force it. If nothing comes to you, try again at another time. Have faith that it will if you want it to.
10. Once you have received as much as possible or the message has been completed, the communication will fade out.
11. Thank your Guides/Angels.
12. You may wish to read through what you have written and perhaps put meaning to it.

Channel writing from this peaceful place will make for a more open and meaningful connection.
Your pen may seem to start moving on its own, but far more likely… You’ll simply be inspired with a thought, a sentence, or you’ll receive one word in your mind. Simply write it down.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume you’re making it all up and to throw in the towel and chalk this little experiment up to a failure.


**So How Do You Know If You’re Really Automatic Writing Or Just Making It Up?**

By having the intention to channel write, you have already taken the first step. Trust and the way will be shown. Take the first step before you see the entire staircase… Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Of course there is an element of trust and belief that it will work, because it will be hard to discern if what you write is actually coming from Spirit. But one thing is guaranteed – if you tell yourself you are going to fail, then that is exactly what you will do!
The more you practise, the more you write, the stronger your connection will become

It is a good idea to keep a journal, this way, you can always go back and re-read your writing, seeing how it has become clearer the more you have progressed.

Don’t worry if you’re not getting super specific or life-changing information. Much of what your guides will want to convey is simple, uplifting, and filled with love. They may have reasons for withholding certain information you want to know as well… Sometimes we have to learn our lessons firsthand. As with all communication with Spirit, by asking better questions, you’re able to get better answers.

Keep it playful, uplifting and fun and only connect with the highest possible vibrating guides of the light and you can’t go wrong. If you are getting fear based, negative, or dark messages… STOP! Call in the light, call in Archangel Michael for protection, and move onto doing some clearing and uplifting of your vibration before you continue.

Have fun with this!