Crystal Grids

By May 10, 2017Crystals

What is a Crystal Grid? What is it used for? How do I set up a Crystal Grid?

Definition: A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective. (Thanks to Hibiscus Moon for this definition).

The size of the grid doesn’t matter, because grids can be as big as a football field or as small as an area on top of your dressing table. You can even place your home inside a crystal grid by the placement of crystals on the boundary lines.
What does matter is how you set up your grid and of course, how you charge it. It is all in the intention!

Crystals as you already would know, have their own properties and vibrational frequencies. So when you align several crystals together, particularly in a sacred geometrical pattern, the objective of the crystal is amplified. The patterns that have been created by the ancients and used throughout time are based on mathematical ratios and proportions. You will notice sacred geometry almost everywhere once you become familiar with it. Eg. Tree of Life; Flower of Life; Merkaba

How do you create a grid?


  • Centre (Focus) stone
  • Surrounding (Way) stones
  • Desire stones
  • Activation wand
  • Basic grid pattern

Before you start

What is your intention for the grid?
Which sacred pattern do you intend to use?
Where will you physically locate your grid?

-Focus stones
The Focus Stone is the crystal that is located in the centre of a Crystal Grid. Its purpose is to focus and amplify the energy and channel it onto your grid.

-Surrounding (Way) Stones
The stones that immediately surround a centre stone are called the Surrounding (Way) Stones. It is an important part of the grid, because the Focus stones send their vibration on to the Way stones, who in turn create their own energy on to the next level of the grid.

-Desire stones
Desire Stones are situated on the outermost area of the Crystal Grid.

This is the end result of what you want your grid to produce. These stones gather all the energy from the Focus stone and the Way stones and now have a potent energy within the crystal to accomplish their purpose.

-The Path
This is where the sacred geometry comes into play.
The Path is the lines of energy that flow through the grid guiding the energy from the Focus Stone, through any Way Stones, to the Desire Stones. The Path is the journey to the objective of the grid (our desires). The Path draws on the sacred geometry to align, transmit and fluidly guide the energy to achieve the desired results.

-Activating the grid
Find a quiet time to do this. Relax. Meditate or just be present.
To activate a grid, you will need a wand. With your intentions, send your wand the all-encompassing energy of the Universe. Your wand is the tool that will activate your grid.

Again, with your intentions, now touch the Focus stone in the centre of your grid with the wand.
You may sense the Focus stone automatically activate and in doing so, it pushes its energy out to the Way stones and then on to the Desire stones.

You may also, if you prefer to manually ‘trace’ with your wand the geometric pattern, between the Focus stone and the other stones. For each line, go back to the Focus stone, then to the other stones individually.

Make sure your grid will not be disturbed or moved by anyone.

-Examples of grids (thanks for Hibiscus Moon for these ideas)

Relationship Enhancer: Circle grid design, rose quartz (love and compassion), rhodochrosite (compassion, emotional healing) and blue lace agate (good communication)

Good Health: Flower of life grid design, ruby zoisite (boosts life force and healing energy), green aventurine (good health and vitality) and amethyst (purification and elimination of toxins).

Find a job: Hexagon grid design, carnelian (accept change and take action), ametrine (overcome fear of change, overcome procrastination), peridot (increases personal prosperity), citrine (manifesting and focusing your direction).

If you have any questions regarding the crystals to use for your grids, please feel free to call us on 02 9785 0798.

Remember that it is your intention that is placed within these grids. Have some fun with them and try out different patterns. There are no hard and fast rules as to what crystals you use.