Crystals to help with Anxiety

By October 11, 2017Crystals

In today’s busy life, it becomes more and more apparent that time for relaxation and taking a slow step back is important. For people who experience anxiety, this busy lifestyle, can be an even greater task. For that matter, people who suffer anxiety could also experience that too much time on their hands triggers anxiety attacks. So it sometimes feels like a case of ‘You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t’. So what can you do to help with this?

Complimentary assistance to help with anxiety is always a good alternative to drugs, but please check with your doctor and always make informed decisions.

Not only can pharmaceuticals cause a range of unpleasant side effects, they do not address the cause of the anxiety. Understandably, people can be reluctant to use these or only wish to use them short term. As an alternative or in addition to over the counter or prescription medications, there are many natural and drug free methods that can be used, including meditation (see our Meditation group held at JOPO) and crystal healing (many crystals in all shapes and forms at JOPO).

Crystal healing is a safe and effective therapy to all ages (though care needs to be taken with young children with regards to choking). They can be used regularly and can provide assistance in times of stress.

There are many calming and soothing crystals that are known for their ability to ease the symptoms of anxiety and relieve stress. Some crystals may have a greater effect than others depending on the person using them so it can help to try out a few types. As with all crystal healing, when choosing your stones concentrate on the issues you wish to resolve and if you feel particularly drawn to a certain stone or another type it is likely that this will benefit you.
It is important to remember to cleanse your crystals to stop them being stagnated with stale or negative energy. There are many ways to do this including leaving them in moon or sunlight, smudging or using a cleansing crystal such as amethyst. (See our Blog post on cleansing crystals).

When choosing crystals to assist with anxiety, there are varying ways to be used depending on your situation and what you prefer. Crystals can either be carried in a tumble stone form, or as jewellery. They can be used to meditate on or to hold when feeling anxious or stressed. Palm stones (also known as thumb or worry stones) are a good choice as you can hold these with your thump securely in place and concentrate your thoughts on this and therefore alleviate or bypass a stressful event or emotion.

7 Popular stones to use to assist with anxiety are:

1. Blue Lace Agate – This calming blue crystal is regarded by many as the best choice for reducing anxiety and stress as it soothes and encourages relaxation and calms the nerves. Meditating with blue lace agate can help by reducing stress and anxiety.
2. Lepidolite – This stone contains naturally occurring lithium, an ingredient often used in anti-anxiety medications. This gentle stone allows you to benefit from this without any of the potential side effects of medication. Lepidolite can help to bring balance and clarity in times of stress or when you feel like the world around you or your life is in chaos. Carry the stone with you and hold it any time you need comfort.
3. Black Tourmaline – This is an excellent choice of crystal when your worries, anxiety, or fears feel overwhelming. Simply hold the stone in your hand and visualise all of your troubles going into the stone, leaving you feeling light, relaxed and able to go about your day. Black tourmaline can also help to protect you against negative energy.
4. Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is considered by many to be the stone of unconditional love and is strongly associated with the heart chakra. Its gentle and loving vibrations are particularly useful in easing an upsets connected with emotions, confrontation and relationships. This stone will help to bring you comfort and increase your feelings of self-love and self-worth.
5. Chrysocolla – If confidence is what you are in needing then this stone is a very good choice. It can also be used to relief anxiety and fear associated with social situations and being in public. Chrysocolla can help to calm your heart chakra and increased heartbeat due to nervousness and fear.
6. Blue Calcite – This lovely stone can help to clear and purify negative energy as well as aiding communication and emotional release. Helps to see a situation from a new perspective and to avoid being stuck in outdated and counterproductive thought patterns. Blue calcite can be used to calm frayed nerves and general anxiety. It encourages rest and relaxation, allowing you to recuperate and restore your energy.
7. Aquamarine – This beautiful stone has a pale blue colour and has long been associated with the calming elements of water. It’s wonderful for soothing and calming any emotional problems and promotes joy, peace, love, and happiness. This stone is an especially good choice for any anxiety, fears, or upsets connected with relationships and friendships.

JOPO stock all of these beautiful crystals in many different shapes and forms. Ranging from jewellery to tumbled stones, spheres and many more. Please call us to find out more. We will be more than happy to help out 02 9785 0798.

*Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Complimentary therapy can assist with healing, however, should not replace medical practitioners advice.

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