Friday 18th Nov

By November 18, 2011JOPO Updates

Well what a month!  Scott Alexander King was amazing. 25 plus people in fits of laughter, who was a dog person and who was a cat person? This question posed some really funny comments, but Scott explained it very well and the looks on peoples faces caused more smiles.  What a knowledgeable, humble and really nice guy and a great story teller too. I would love to have him back at JOPO next year. Actually Scott is welcome anytime.  His new book “Earth mother Dreaming” is proving to be a great read, if only I had the time to get past the first couple of chapters.

Caterina Rosa will be on platform at JOPO Friday 25th November. There are still a few seats left and as this will be her last appearance for 2011 it would be wonderful to have a full house.

Our on-line shop is finally up and running – this has been an ongoing saga for some months and the wonderful  Fi has really made it finally happen – Thank You Fi!  There could be some hiccups to start off with, I do hope not, but if there is please let me know asap and accept my apologies from the start.  Items will continue to be added so keep checking.

Sunday 27th we will be open from 10am until 4pm. This will give those who can’t make it to the shop at other times a chance to have a leisurely Sunday browse.  There will be some surprise specials during the day and we will have Lucy doing Tarot readings and Doris doing Energy Readings/Drawings. So come along and join us and maybe do some Christmas Shopping too.

Those of you who know Loraine will be glad to hear she is on the road to recovery after some months o being unwell. We really miss her here at JOPO and look forward to her being back on deck next year.

That’s it for now