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By July 5, 2017Crystals

It has been a topic that has been discussed recently, so we thought it important to mention what a Gem Elixir is and the process that we think is the safest method to benefit.

Most commonly, crystals are used for healing properties by keeping them on our bodies, in pockets, as jewellery, or in our homes or offices. However, we can also benefit from crystals in elixirs (drinks). **Important Note: see link for crystals that CANNOT be used for this purpose**

How does it work?
The crystals vibrational energies are transferred into the water and by drinking this elixir, we can benefit from powerful health and healing properties. Gem stone elixirs are an extremely effective way to reap the health and healing benefits of crystals.

When making the elixir, you would choose your crystal for its appropriate properties, state your intention (verbally or by thought), express what health or healing you wish to address and this is the start of the programming for your elixir.

++We recommend using the indirect method, which is a glass within a glass to make this elixir as the properties of crystals can be quite strong++

A simple way to prepare an elixir:

  • Use ONLY if the crystals DO NOT CONTAIN metals or toxins (SEE LINK FOR A LIST OF UNSUITABLE CRYSTALS). Crystals that flake (ie: mica) should NEVER be placed into water for consumption.
  • Cleanse the stone(s)
  • Place in a GLASS container, bowl or jar (Glass is preferable to plastic).
  • Place this glass container in ANOTHER glass container, so that the crystal does not come into direct contact with the water.
  • Let the gem elixir sit a minimum of 12 hours before drinking. You may want to cover it and place outside for 24 hours (receiving the full sunlight and moonlight)
  • Remove the inner glass container containing the stones.
  • You can pour about a quarter of a glass and fill it up with filtered water. It is now ready to drink.

This is a safer way to drink a Gem Elixir and to obtain all the benefits that crystals can offer. We do not recommend drinking water that has been in direct contact with any crystal.
If you are not going to consume the mixture immediately, pour it into an air tight container. You can also refrigerate the elixir. In either case, do not keep it for more than one week.

This is an IMPORTANT list of what NOT TO USE!

“WHEN IN DOUBT, DO WITHOUT” – Thanks to Hibiscus Moon for this.
For any further information, call JOPO on 02 9785 0798.

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