FEB – MAR 2011


2011 has arrived, for some it has not started well. Our thoughts are with those affected by floods or bushfires. Mother Nature can be a hard taskmistress at times and unfortunately we are powerless to stop her. The Aussie spirit has come to the fore and those earth-angels who have been (and still are)  involved with the rescue and rehabilitation of human, animal and nature deserve not only our thanks but our admiration for such selfless work.

Tricia our Astrologer is an amazing lady who has pulled off an equally amazing feat. Those on our email list would have received information on her efforts along with a request for your help. For those who did not receive this information I have attached the content of the email I sent as  extra pages to the Newsletter. This will be an ongoing thing as Queensland and Northern NSW will not be back to normal anytime soon. Apart from time, money and physical efforts, the emotional repercussions will be felt for years. Let’s try and do our bit to ease these emotional traumas and as Tricia says lift their spirits a little and let them know we do care. The first of these trucks left last Sunday. Well done Tricia—maybe you could have a chat to the politicians and show them how things can be done fast!

This year we aim to bring you a wider range of workshops. Some will be great fun,others will uncover your talents, others a wonderful learning curve. Whatever you decide to participate in, our facilitators will certainly do their best to ensure you enjoy your time with us.

We would like to welcome Andrea, Sharon and Estealia to JOPO this year. These girls have different yet wonderful talents which they have agreed to share.  Not only a real asset to JOPO but  an opportunity for us all to widen our learning.

Andrea Kaldy is an accredited psychic medium, writer, editor of inspirit Magazine and co-host of inspirit TV, She specializes in mediumistic healing psychic profiling and hauntings. Her passion is to assist people with their inner Spirit and true self. Andrea’s twice monthly group  -  Inner Spirit Circle will I believe provide a place for those  wishing to develop their personal psychic skills.

Estealia is a talented Reader (Psychic, Tarot & Angel)  and Healer (Crystal Healing ,Spiritual Healing, Bowen Therapy). She will be available Saturdays and other days my mutual agreement. Estealia comes to us with over 40 years of experience.

Sharon, well what do I say. I met Sharon at a Psychic Fair and she is such a bubbly zany lady, you could not help but just love her. Sharon produces and also teaches the most amazing Tie Dyeing. Scarves, T-shirts, Baby wraps—bright vibrant colours.  Reminds me of the 60’s—now I’m really showing my age!! Sharon also sells Wear Your Goddess Clothing check out her website www.wearyourgoddess.com

Kerrie Wearing and her crew worked very hard last year to bring a series inspirit TV together and this year they continue their hard work with another episode being filmed at Hunts Comfort Inn Liverpool, Friday 18th February 7.30pm for tickets & further details see www.inSpiritTV.com

Unfortunately Monday morning and Tuesday evening Meditation has been cancelled although Monday evening Meditation will continue.

Please, when you email JOPO put “JOPO Newsletter” or “JOPO Enquiry” in the subject line as I receive so much spam there is a risk your email could be deleted. Please feel free to pass this Newsletter on to your friends.


Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony


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