Newsletter time again—it just comes around so fast!!!

We’ve had some fun the last couple of months—Andrea’s students are coming along really well. Quite a few have surprised even themselves. It’s great to hear that not only are they learning lots but really enjoying themselves as well, so Andrea has decided to continue the group. You may join at any time so don’t be concerned that it has been going for a few weeks.

Kylie’s Tarot class has been so popular she has been urged to keep going but Kylie is determined to teach Palmistry so if you want to see “what’s in you hands” this class starts 3rd May. If it proves to be as informative as the Tarot, and I have no doubt it will, – should be a great group.

Graham White joins us to facilitate an interesting workshop—”Create The Pathway To Your Higher Consciousness”. Graham has a long background in training and business coaching and has now decided to combine these skills with his Spiritual side. Sounds really interesting as we all have negatives that need shifting. He is doing a free information night Monday 11th April so that you can learn more about his all day workshop. Bookings please, as we need to know how many cupcakes to buy :)

Doris has some wonderful new workshops planned, don’t know how she does it but she always manages to make these workshops fun, interesting and usually very appropriate to what is going on in the participants lives. Check out the free talk about her “Captain of Your Life” workshop , (the next subject for her Intuitive Awareness group) Friday 29th April—more cupcakes—so bookings please.

Sharon came along to teach us to Tie Dye—well what a great Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening—none of the participants had a clue before we started but by the end of the session we had all created unique pieces. I did a t-shirt on the Saturday, which I had hanging up in the back of the shop to show on the Wednesday night and a customer asked was it for sale!!!  Not bad for a first effort. Artistic I am not—so anyone can learn to Tie Dye—Sharon will be back– hopefully in June.

Lucy and Caterina’s last Platform Night was a real success—these two work well together and the messages come through quickly and clearly. There was no sign of the stage fright they both suffered from on their debut night. They will be back with more messages Thursday 19th May so book in soon.

Lindsay and I will facilitate a Wish Game Night in May. As these nights are limited to 8 players you will need to get in quick to ensure your seat.

Now to new stock—where do I start—more crystals of course and finally our Crystal Wall has some semblance of order. Thanks Loraine and Jan.  I received a bit of a shock myself I didn’t realize just how many different crystals we stock. For the pet lovers, cute little Pet Couture Gemstone tags, these are of different crystals and the perfect size for a small to medium dog or a cat. Not sure a Shepherd or a Rottie would appreciate them though. Next for us girls are Angel Bracelets in various colours representing different messages—really nice. A few new crystals—I’m not going to tell you what they are—see if you notice them on the Crystal Wall. Books of course, can’t resist them always something new on the bookshelf. I have ordered some new plaques and they should be here in April—similar to the Angel and Dragonfly series which have now been discontinued. I also purchased some Tie Dye paint from Sharon—so who knows what may appear in the shop over the next few weeks—all I need to do is find the time!!

Cheers for now


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