How to choose a deck of Oracle Cards

By April 26, 2017Cards & Divination

With so many decks to choose from, all with different looks and feel, how do you choose the right deck?

Well, it’s quite an exciting journey as you browse through the many images and titles. Some would say that the choosing of the deck is like tapping into your inner wisdom even before you start!

If you are like me, you will want to choose a deck that has pictures I can relate to. If you are an animal person, an animal deck might appeal to you. If you love Angels, then there are plenty of Angel decks to connect with. If actual images are not important, and you are more intuitive and psychic driven, then a deck with abstract colours and patterns may support your intuition.

Some decks although they have beautiful images, they have no guidance or no affirmations printed on the card. These cards rely on your interpretation and intuition to read them. So deciding if you want to be able to read a short explanation of the meaning of the card is another way of determining which deck you choose.

By far, the BEST method of choosing a deck of oracle cards is to actually physically touch, feel, shuffle and see if you resonate with them. You will know. On first approach the image of the box will draw you to it.

JOPO has a ‘tester’ box for each deck so that you can open it and shuffle the cards. Once you begin shuffling and then choose a card, you will again KNOW if this deck resonates with you. Take your time looking at the imagery, reading the guidance. Even the booklet that accompanies each deck can give you an insight. Does the card make your energy feel uplifted? Or does if bring your energy down?

Sometimes it just isn’t the right time to buy a deck of oracle cards. You may be drawn to a certain deck, and each time you enter the shop you are drawn to the same deck, however, you procrastinate so much and don’t end up buying it. Well, that is your intuition working there. More than likely, although you are drawn to the deck, it may not be the right time to purchase it. Let it be. The right time will come.

Overall, when choosing a deck of oracle or tarot cards, let your heart lead you. You will never go wrong!

JOPO stock a HUGE range of decks. You are always welcome to come into the shop and browse each deck. Take your time!

Our online shop also stocks a large variety of decks:

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