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Hello everyone and welcome to our latest Newsletter. Sorry this is a little later than usual.

Well, what’s been happening? Went to see Debbie Malone (www.betweentwoworlds.net) the other Sunday at Kareela Golf Club. I have met Debbie before, but this was the first time I had seen her in a group situation, a large group actually—197 people. Debbie was nervous before the event kicked off but Spirit helped and we had a very enjoyable afternoon, lots of messages and a few of them were really touching (and obviously really needed). Debbie is one of those mediums who work from the heart. There is no ego with Debbie and she is very aware that her job is to bring comfort to people and she does it very well. Congratulations on a great event Debbie!!Debbie has a new event set for 17th July at Kareela—tables of 10 are available, as well as single seats. They must be pre booked see her website for full details.

The Newsletter format has changed a little this month. There are many new workshops to tell you about so check out the Workshop area.

Now to some great stock news—Archangel Michael is back, from the quite large size down to the mini size, there is now one available to suit that special area in your home.

Amber Teething Beads—never heard of them ? Well neither had I until acustomer asked did I stock them. These are bead necklaces and bracelets constructed of amber beads individually knotted and worn by teething bubs. The bracelets are actually best worn as an anklet under sox. They help with drooling, red cheeks and apparently pain. I gave an anklet to a friend for her seven month old daughter to be my “guinea pig”. The grizzling stopped, her cheeks definitely were not as flushed and she seemed a lot happier. The second night they forgot to put her anklet on and it was not a happy night for anyone!! I did check a few of the Mums & Bubs websites and from what I read they do work. The necklace is a good option for the 2 year old teething time, as it is a little large for the smaller bubs. The necklaces are priced at $25 and the bracelets $20, but what price a good nights sleep?  If you do purchase one—please let me have some feedback!!

For those of you into Fairies—we have some great new stock, too much to listat the moment and a little too much to sort as well. Keep you eye out for the great new Fairy T-Shirts !!!

Estealia is proving very popular and has agreed to come in extra days when needed, so if it’s a reading you are after, give us a call. Unfortunately Lucy is tied up in other areas for the moment and is not available.

The other exciting news is that we will have an online shop on our website soon, the wonderful Fi is currently working on it and it will be a work in progress over the coming months, we hope to be fully stocked for Christmas shopping.

Please, when you email JOPO put “JOPO Newsletter” or “JOPO Enquiry” in the subject line as I receive so much spam there is a risk your email could be deleted. Please feel free to pass this Newsletter on to your friends.


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