June – July 2010 News

By May 28, 2010News

June-July—just where has the year gone?

Thankyou to everyone for their comments on last Newsletter’s “Rave”. I had no idea the impact it  would cause. Many of you have gone through losses and knew exactly where I was coming from—you had been there. The most memorable comment though, came from a girl who thanked me for writing it—she had not nor had her friends gone though the  loss of someone close to them—her comment “thankyou—now I know what NOT to say.” If one well meaning, but hurtful comment can be avoided —my rave was worth writing.

Two friends of mine are building a home at Casula, and as one would do, have been taking progress photos. The slab went down and they were out there that evening  to record their home taking shape. This is I think, going to be a special home as there was literally an Orb Shower. Hundreds of orbs can be clearly seen in one photo in particular.I have a copy of it, so check it out when next visiting the shop.  Spirit is surely keeping an eye on this home.

This Newsletter is a little early as Loraine and I are off to spend a weekend with Lisa Williams. We have been looking forward to this workshop since Lisa was out here last year. Tricia will be manning the shop during the week and Janice on Saturday morning, so please give them a little leeway if they can’t locate things too easily. We will fill you in on our trip next Newsletter.

Don’t worry too much about the cold when considering workshops—remember the air-conditioning heats as well—so you should be nice and cosy.

We have some great new workshops ahead—ever wondered what your Spirit Guide or Angels looks like? Join Susy for a day of Angel & Spirit Guide Drawing, can’t draw? —well neither can I but if I’m willing to give it a go, why don’t you.

Lindsay Drummond, a very talented singer/songwriter will be performing some of her new uplifting songs and combining these with lots of inspiration to present an amazing and I believe first of its kind workshop.

Pangenta’s Cauldron will be celebrating Yule ( Winter Solistace) during their next get-together Thursday 3rd June.

The Pendulum workshops have been really popular, so we now have a “ More from your Pendulum” evening. Those of you who have done the first workshop will be shown even more ways to use and learn from you Pendulum.

Bernice has changed the format of her The Write Inn evenings, so all you budding writers out there, join Bernice for an evening of creativity.

Our Aura Day (Aura Photos, Drawings & Readings) is on again 27th June, please book early as this is proving very popular.

Carole is teaching Indian Head Massage. Sunday 20th June  still has a couple of vacancies, and the next one is booked for 1st August. Email Carol or JOPO for bookings.

Michael made the trip from Bowraville by train just for our wonderful Angel workshop—thankyou so much Michael for a funny, yet very healing afternoon.

Kerrie Wearing is in the US at the moment and from what I hear will be working with some pretty well known Mediums—next issue of InSpirit Magazine should be a great read!! (yes we stock it at JOPO)

Christine and Geoff have some great workshops coming up—check out their website!! Those of you who have attended workshops recently will have noticed some changes at JOPO, we are finally getting a little more organized (can’t rush these things we’ve only been there nearly 5 years). More changes are in the wind so stay tuned…..