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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest Newsletter. June brings winter and the cooler months. Must admit I enjoy cooler—hotter and I do not get along very well.

June and July are a bit light on Workshops as recent ones have not been well patronized. Intro to Tarot and Kinesiology—Touch for Health I did go ahead and from what I hear were really good.

Those of you into crystals will no doubt have heard of Rachelle Charman. Well Rachelle will join us on Friday 20th June, to share her vast knowledge and her zany sense of humour. I have not met Rachelle before but if our telephone conversation is any indicator of the workshop it should really be Fun—yes with a capital F. We all have totem animals, but did you know we also have a Totem Crystal— wow, I’m curious to know mine! There was also a mention of meditation and a drum—could be a very interesting workshop.

Another great night will be Caterina Rosa & Kerry Nelson on Platform (Fri 27th June). Both these girls are so talented in what they do, different yes, but both amazing to watch—don’t miss this one.

Carole will have her Balancing the Chakras with Essential Oils & Crystals on Sun 15th June. Carole’s knowledge when it comes to Essential Oils is second to none!
Intuitive Painting—it’s back by popular demand—Sunday 6th July. I spoke to the husband of a participant in Doris’s last Painting Workshop and he was over the moon about his wifes creation—just loved it!

Pendulum Workshop will run again a little later in the year—keep an eye on the website.

Reiki I is on again too. Sunday 20th July (changed from 13th). Lindsay is passionate about her Reiki (and songwriting too) so if you are interested—Lindsay is your girl. She will also be running Discover Your Authentic Energies Sunday 22nd June.

A big Thank You to Doris for our wonderful new flashing board in the shop window. You can’t miss it—looks great—especially at night. Thanks Doris.

We have some great specials coming up—these are limited stock, so be quick. They will be available from 14th June —a nice surprise when you visit the shop or website.

I’m pleased to see many using our website and paying via Paypal—much safer and quicker too—so thank you to those that do.
Building work at Revesby Workers for the new Coles and specialty shops is coming along. There was talk about this when we moved in almost 9 years ago. At the time I said “I’ll believe it when I see it”. According to rumour—won’t be long.

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Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony