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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest Newsletter.

There has been some really strange and not nice energy around recently. Electronics, cars, people and even the weather have all been acting very odd. All we can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and ride it out. Mercury will be out of retrograde soon!
Winter has arrived and due to the colder weather we have decided to limit the evening workshops. Tuesday Meditation will be on in June but this will be its last month. Monday Meditation has now ceased. Our Psychic Development groups which were being held on Wednesday evenings will now become a 2 day workshop held over two Sundays, although Lisa’s class will continue its current term. Jane will still have her Thursday night Past Life & Connecting with your Angels & Spirit Guides for the next few months but only if they are supported by you. Pangentas will continue on 1st Thursday of the month. There will be a few Friday evening events but we will mainly concentrate on Sunday Workshops.
Three Friday evening events I think are important for our wellbeing.  Boundaries & Are You Co-Dependant will be amazing workshops. Rory is a talented presenter and these subjects are something that effects us all. Relaxation & Self Massage will be a treat too. Not many of us have the time, financial resources or even the energy to seek these things that we all deserve. This night should give us the ability to give ourselves not only that treat but possibly knowledge that can help those around us, even if that is us being nicer, more relaxed people.
Reiki I & II, will be available if requested. So if you are interested please ring or email and we will run these if enough express their interest. This also applies to Tarot Reading classes, Pendulum & Jane’s Manifest & Release.
Carole has a number of Essential Oil workshops coming up in July and August and Michele recently did an Introduction to Time Line Therapy® night. Everyone was so impressed that we have decided to go into it further with a full on 2 day workshop—Mastering Your Success. Some basic info is in the Newsletter, but more details are on the website—be sure to check it out. Flyers are also available from the shop.
Domenica will do An Introductory class on Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a passion of mine and something I use regularly to stay sane and deal with issues that raise their not so pretty heads every so often. It is an amazing technique, easy to learn but soooo useful. Why not give it a try.
I would really like to give the staff at Mitre 10 Peakhurst a wrap. I have been in the store numerous times over the last few years and they could not be more helpful. No vague waves ‘it’s over there’, or worse, condescending attitudes. Thanks guys!

I am taking a little break at the end of the month so JOPO will be closed Wed 24th June and reopen Wednesday 1st July.

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