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Hello everyone,

We have been having a busy time here at JOPO and the next few months are looking busy too. Lots of workshops coming up Kerry Nelson starts her new term Wednesday 7th May and after doing a full-on course with Lisa Williams I am sure Kerry will have lots to share. The Intuitive Painting Workshop in April is full so we have booked   another one for 6th July, you can fix your place in this one now. Introduction to Tarot is scheduled for late April, May brings a Pendulum evening, Kinesiology (Touch for Health 1), Metaphysical uses for Essential Oils, Kerrie Wearing brings us her Soul Conversations (this one should be great). Then in June Balancing the Chakras with Essential Oils & Crystals, Discover Your Authentic Energies (a new one with Lindsay)and Kerry Nelson &  Caterina Rosa on Platform—this is always a wonderful night—love both these girls. Healing Meditations are on four (4) Tuesdays each month, no Meditation 5th Tuesday when there is one. Further events have been booked in for July, August and even September (I really don’t want to think that far ahead) but they will be on the website.

It is very important to book in and pay as soon as you make a decision to participate in a workshop as many times I receive calls and emails the day before and   sometimes even on the day, only to disappoint as unfortunately the workshop has been cancelled. Our JOPO website is the easiest way—it uses Paypal—safe and simple.  You can also pay at the shop or over the telephone using your credit card.

Ever heard of the Eggtober Foundation? They raise funds for Gynaecological Cancer Units, Education & Research and Community Education. Dr Felix Chan is very involved in this foundation and I will soon have raffle tickets to assist fund raising for their Charity Event to be held 10th May. I would love all you girls (the boys too) associated with JOPO to give me a hand with this. This type of cancer does not get the same acknowledgement as some others yet it is just as much of an issue. Dr Chan is a gentle, compassionate man with a wicked sense of humour and this event deserves supporting. I will put a note on Facebook and the JOPO website once the tickets have arrived. At this stage I have no idea what the prizes will be but feel that is secondary to the fundraising. While on the subject of fund raising, our Lisa (ex Beads 2 Bead) will be holding a  Biggest Morning Tea on Sunday 25th May and she needs our support too. I will her have raffle tickets soon.

There are lots of challenges for us all happening at the moment. All we can do is ride them out. Don’t go into “victim mode” – look around and guaranteed there will be someone worse off—help if you can—it will not only aid them but make you a little brighter as well.

Well that’s about it for now, enjoy the cooler weather and the much needed rain and Easter is approaching so enjoy the chocolate eggs!!

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Prosperity, Good Health and Harmony