By August 2, 2017Crystals

Orgonite is a completely man-made product made from a 50-50 mix of resin with metal shavings. It is the ideal combination of organic and inorganic materials and as a result, magnetically attracts positive and negative energy, then transmutes it into positive energy.  The theory is, organic materials attract the energy while non-organic materials attracted and repelled the energy.

Why are Orgonite Pyramids so popular and what are the pyramids used for?
The sole purpose of Orgonite is to collect destructive organic energy and transmute it into positive energy.
Since everything is energy, and as human beings we are sensitive to energies such as; microwaves, TV’s and various computers and machines. So it becomes necessary to convert this type of energy into a positive source, leaving a calming atmosphere.
An Orgonite pyramid is a device that will gather all such energy, transform it and re-emit it in the form of a positive life-enhancing wave.

How can Orgonite help with EMF/WIFI sensitivity?
If cell tower radiation is a worry for you, then Orgonite can help immensely. It is specifically helpful for people who are sensitive to high frequencies (Electromagnetic frequencies) and WiFi.
It is for this reason many people like to wear Orgonite pendants (often called Orgone pendants) or some form of Orgonite device on their person. Also, just by having Orgonite in your working or living space can dramatically benefit.
Orgonite pyramids are beautiful to look at and contain a range of beautiful crystals. Below you can see a range that JOPO currently stock.

7 ways to use Orgonite in your home:

  1. Meditation using Orgonite can be very powerful.
  2. If unrest/irritability is keeping you tired during the day, place orgonite under your bed and sometimes flat orgonite can be placed under pillows.
  3. Keep a piece of Orgonite in your home or living space.
  4. Not only is Orgonite thoroughly beneficial as an aid to deter negative and unhelpful energy, but it can be a beautiful addition to your home decorating because the stunning colours and patterns within it. Definitely a talking point when you have visitors!
  5. Clear energy around you personally, by keeping a piece, either in jewellery form or similar on your person.
  6. Start your day off by holding a piece of Orgonite while standing outside on the earth. It is said to be a very good with grounding.
  7. Space Clearing. Your intentions will go far using Orgonite to clear your home, work or person.

Other ways Orgonite can assist:

  • Helps make plants grow better, repels pests and plants require less water
  • Helps awaken your innate psychic abilities
  • Disarms and repels predatory forms of life
  • JOPO are proudly stocking some absolutely beautiful pieces. Some pyramids and pendants are available.


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