Picture Jasper

By July 12, 2017Crystals

This uniquely patterned crystal is a lovely addition to your crystal collection. This Jasper in particular is highly beneficial for locating ley lines on the Earth’s meridian system and also for setting up energy grids. The unique markings on Picture Jasper look very much like a landscape.

If overcoming writer’s block or artists block is a problem, then Picture Jasper has been known to inspire creatives in visualisation. In fact, this crystal is particularly useful in many business and personal areas for – confidence, creative vision and practical application of starting your own business.

Due to the connection to Earth, wearing or carrying Picture Jasper can be beneficial when travelling abroad, particularly backpacking and living in other countries. It is said that if you exchange Picture Jasper with a person on your travels from another country, then fitting into different cultures is much easier.

Earth energy from this crystal is brought about when it is used for healing from injury or prolonged illness. The grounding energy brings with it gradual strength and vitality.

Addictions, such as quitting smoking can also be helped by this crystal, as it can remove toxins from the system over a period of time and helps the need to overcome the cravings associated with the addiction/habit as well as any triggers that bring this addiction to the forefront.

If that isn’t enough, Jaspers are believed to increase fertility and are conducive to happy pregnancies. Picture Jasper is particularly protective during childbirth.

All in all a useful crystal to have in your possession.

Pictured above is an example of a beautiful heart shaped pendant that JOPO stock.
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