We have so many different products that it is difficult to list them all.

Just to give you some idea what you are likely to find at JOPO:

  • CRYSTALS of course – we have polished, rough, pendants, shapes, geodes, caves, specialty packs, tumbled and some really unusual specimens. Our information packs contain a crystal and have a card listing some of the attributes of that crystal. When I first started collecting I purchased a crystal and by the time I got home, what it was and what is was for had totally escaped me!!! That’s why JOPO crystals are packaged with an information card giving the name and some of its attributes so the same thing won’t happen to you.  We  love to source crystals that people really want. If you are after something special give us a call (or email) and we will try our best to obtain it for you.
  • FENG SHUI is our other passion. Frogs, coins, Buddhas, Dieties, Bagua Mirrors, Celestial Animals, Dragons, Relationship or Prosperity pack, books, the list goes on !  Again if you want something in particular – just ask and we will see what we can do.
  • NATIVE AMERICAN – Prints, Peace Pipes, Smudge Feathers, Smudge Fans, Medicine Bags, Oracle Cards, Dreamcatchers. Most of these items are made right here in Australia.
  • NATIVE AUSTRALIAN (Aboriginal) Prints, Bull-Roarers, Emu-Callers, Clap-Sticks, Rainmakers and Didgeridoos both large and small.
  • ANGELS and FAIRIES – From tiny to quite large, resin, crystal, ceramic, stained glass. They are all beautiful – even the Fairies with Attitude !  Playful, serene, Archangels – lots to choose from – even a Cat Angel.
  • DIVINATION CARDS – Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards (my second favourite after the Indian Medicine Cards), Angel Cards, Destiny Cards, Tarot Cards there are just sooo many. Again if we don’t have it we will try to get it for you.

Buy Our Products

A small selection of our products is available in our on line shop. If you don’t find what you are looking for just send us an email and we will try to assist you. Just click the Shop Online button to have a peek.