Sat 4th June

By June 4, 2011JOPO Updates

My apologies for the Newsletter being late this time. Trying to co-ordinate the Workshops can be a bit of a nightmare. Andreas Space Clearing Workshop was on today, personally I would have loved to attend but the Newsletter must take priority. I did call in as it was finishing and the attendees looked suitably impressed. We will organize another one as soon as we can, so that those who missed out get another chance.  Space Clearing is an important part of our well being so we could all do with the additional knowledge Andrea shares.

As most of  you are aware, we have limited space, so if you are considering attending the Free “Take Responsibility for Your Health” night,  email or ring asap. I do hope they give us a few tips on colds and flu – it seems a bit of a problem at the moment with all this crazy weather.

I’m really excited about our online shop!!  It will take a little while to get off the ground, but will be a wonderful showcase for the type of products available at JOPO and because it is on-line you will be able to shop 24/7 !!!

The emailed Newsletters are out and now it is online for you to read.  Take note of the last page – it applies to all of us!!!

Bye for now