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Selenite is a crystal used very much for mental clarity as it enhances mental flexibility and decision making abilities. It is also a crystal of truth and honesty, promoting honest practices in business and relationships.

It has a soft opaque appearance, and forms in natural wands or sheets. It is a very soft stone which can be scratched easily with a fingernail. SELENITE SHOULD NEVER BE IN CONTACT WITH WATER.

The name selenite comes from the Greek word Selene, meaning moon. It has been used for window panes, such as those in Santa Sabina in Rome. The giant crystals in the Naica Cave of Crystals are Selenite Gypsum.

Due to the clarity that it provides, Selenite is an excellent crystal to go to for:
Clear connection to your Angels; Finding and working with your Spirit Guides; Removing energy blocks from both the physical and etheric bodies; Removing blocks or negativity from other crystals; Providing powerful intuition and psychic awareness; Assistance in healing and going to past lives; Bringing clarity to meditation; Dispel negativity; Bring harmony and inner peace by recognising love and acting in a loving manner.

Additional information-
Chakra associations – Sacral
Zodiac sign – Taurus
Musical note – D
Emotional influence – Harmony, Relax, Forgive
Spiritual Gifts – Intuition, Clear connection to one’s Angels and Guides
*Diseases treated – Bone related, PMS, Sleep disorders
Nutrients Boosted – Salt
Psychological Influence – Empathy
Physical Body – Skeletal and Tissue elasticity

*Any medical reference is general information and should not be used solely without the advice of a medical practitioner.

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