SODALITE BLOG 8th Feb 2017

By February 22, 2017News

Today on the blog, we focus on the crystal, Sodalite.

To me, this crystal is all about communication, speaking your truth, finding emotional balance or stimulating creative abilities. If this is what you are after, then Sodalite is the crystal for you.

This predominantly blue stone resonates with the throat and third eye chakra. Sodalite helps with communication with others as well as oneself. It is particularly useful for teachers, writers, students or anyone giving a presentation. Its association with the throat chakra helps with a positive self-attitude, being less critical and more objective. For those who find it hard to stay in the present moment, Sodalite is an excellent companion to bring about peace in the here and now.

It also helps when learning new concepts and theories, especially when the learning curve is steep. This stone helps to calm the mind, allowing the learning to come at an acceptable pace. The third eye is awakened and it will help develop intuition and amplify artistic creativity. With this in mind, it will also help to define your goals, helping to remove mental fog and aids in differentiating between your own thoughts and emotions to those of others.

Another added benefit of keeping Sodalite with you is that it purifies your aura and helps free your body of negative energies that can cause blockages which can eventually lead to physical ailments.

This purification process will help you return to vitality and bring a clearer picture of YOU so you can see your inner strengths, your true thoughts, true emotions and your positive assets. This will enable a clearer path for you to see the direction you want life to go.

Additional information:
Chakra associations: Throat, Third eye
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Planet association: Jupiter
Positions on body: Throat
Musical note: G
Emotional influence: Balance, Calmness, Self-belief
Spiritual Gifts: Intuition, Psychic abilities
*Diseases treated: Lymphs, Radiation, Sea Sickness

Sodalite is readily available in tumble stones, raw specimens, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Please feel free to come in and browse through our selection (some pictures are included below). For more information, call the shop on 9785 0798

*Any medical reference is general information and should not be used solely without the advice of a medical practitioner.

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