Space Clearing

By May 3, 2017Feng Shui

Many of you will know that clearing your home or office space is important for good, positive energy to flow freely. You will also most likely know that clearing spaces can be done using sage and incense. But did you know that you can also clear spaces using sound? Sound is a very effective way to cleanse and clear your space.

Bells are great for dispelling accumulated and stagnant energy. They produce a sound that permeates the space, and in so doing, increases the flow of energy and restores the natural vibration and balance of an area or person.
It is also an easy and convenient way to cleanse, especially if the idea of sage smoke or incense doesn’t agree with you.

Singing Bowls
Singing Bowls (also known as Tibetan or Himalayan Singing Bowls, gongs, Crystal bowls) are a type of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell. It sits with the bottom surface resting either on your fingers, palm or a small, specially designed cushion. The sides and rim of the bowls vibrate to produce sound when played by striking or circling with a wooden mallet. Different sizes and the different composition of materials determine the sound. Usually larger bowls have a deeper sound; smaller bowls have a higher sound. This too is a very pleasing and relaxing sound and used widely in meditation and to balance chakras.

Ting sha
Tingsha or Tingshaw are small Tibetan Cymbals or chimes that are used by Tibetan Buddhists in ceremonies or rituals. They are 2 metal cymbals held together by a leather cord and when they are struck together they create a pure resonating tone that sounds like a sweet sounding “ting,” hence the name. They are generally played before a meditation to summon, focus and clear the mind and at the end of meditation to bring one back to the present and everyday life. These days, because of their pure, sweet sound they are widely used in an increasing variety of ways – they are used by feng shui practitioners for cleansing and clearing space, by Reiki or energy healers or massage therapists for the same purpose on a personal level, and by yoga instructors to call everyone back to everyday reality.

Tingsha are easy to play – simply hold the leather thong in both hands and allow the rim of cymbal to gently strike the rim of the other. This will allow the cymbals to chime with their beautiful, resonating, clear, pure sound. Simply allow the sound to resonate until it stops completely before the cymbals are struck again.

Other methods to clear your space using sound: Rattles, drums, chanting, clapping, tuning forks, gongs. With the intention of clearing, all of these methods are very effective in ‘shaking up’ and dispelling stagnant energy.

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