The New Moon and the Full Moon

By September 13, 2017Moon

The moon plays a big part in so many aspects that I thought we would cover two phases that you can use in your life to either let go or to manifest.

We will start with the Full Moon.

This means that the hemisphere of the Moon that is facing Earth (the near side) is almost fully illuminated by the Sun and appears round (while the far side is almost completely unlit).

This is the best time to shed what you no longer want – whether that be old patterns of behaviour, bad habits, negative situations, emotions that don’t serve you, repetitive thoughts or anything you want to let go of. Anything!

Apart from the beauty of this full moon, once you actually take the time to go outside, let go of anything that you no longer want, you actually FEEL lighter. Trust me, it works. If you whole heartedly let go, you can feel your shoulders become lighter and your load easier to manage, leaving room for all your desires.

Now for the New Moon. 

This is when the moon is dark. That is, there appears to be no moon, because it is farthest from the earth. This is the time to manifest to your hearts content! All that space that you cleared out at the full moon, is now ready to be occupied by beautiful, exciting and purposeful things that you actually want! This is the time to manifest those dreams, those desires and see them put out there as a spark to come into reality!

Some say that people go a little ‘loony’ at the full moon. This isn’t really too far from the truth, because as sensitive beings, the full moon packs a big punch. The energy is enormous considering we are mere specks in this vast universe! So it isn’t unusual to be restless. The human body is about 75 percent water, and so people often ask whether tides are at work inside us. The moon and the sun combine to create tides in Earth’s oceans (in fact the gravitational effect is so strong that our planet’s crust is stretched daily by these same tidal effects).

So if you want to manifest your greatest dreams and desires – the next New Moon is on September 20, 2017. Write them down, say them out loud, think them, feel them…see them already manifested!

The next Full Moon will be on October 6, 2017. Let the cycle of letting go just happen. Give it over. Lighten your load.
The following link will tell you just when each New Moon and Full Moon will be so you can plan ahead.

Oh – don’t forget your crystals LOVE to be charged by the full moon.