Update 18th April, 2013

By April 18, 2013JOPO Updates

The Intuitive Painting Workshop last Sunday produced some amazing “masterpieces”. I have only seen two so far but know the rest will be as good. Doris will I hope put the pics on Facebook.

Next Sunday Christine will present her “Iridology for Idiots” – should be a great workshop. People are amazed what they can learn simply by looking in the eyes.  There is still room for a couple more so contact us if you would like to discover more about Iridology.

Kerry Nelson is having this term off,  so her workshop has been removed from the events booking area.  She will be back in July.

Doris has her “Art of Communication” talk on Friday 26th April. This was originally set for Thurs 25th until we realized that this date is Anzac Day, so it has been moved to the Friday evening.

Luke is running the Meditations in May – with the theme  “If I loved myself more I would…..”.  Luke always has beautiful Meditation Nights.