UPDATE 19th April 2012

By April 19, 2012JOPO Updates

I just cannot believe how fast the year is going, past the middle of April wow!!

We have just sourced some really nice Sterling Silver earrings from the US  Buddhas, Angels, Bats, Oms etc – Sterling Silver Hooks as well.

You probably read in the Newsletter we have discovered Earthing. Some of these products are now listed in the Shop Online area. We hope to be able to bring you some testimonials soon – these have been given verbally, although once I receive the written version they will be posted to share with you – some great results so far.

Just to recap what Earthing is:

Daily we are bombarded by EMF’s  (Electro Magnetic Fields) from mobile phones, computers, appliances in our homes,  together with the stuff  outside –  Mobile Phone towers, computers in shops, wireless technologies, even our homes insulate us from the Earth.

We wear rubber or synthetic soled shoes (which are insulating) we rarely walk barefoot and as for leather soled shoes – well I haven’t seen these for some years. In plain english – we are DISCONNECTED from the Earth.

Being connected to the Earth allows our bodies to discharge this build up of EMF’s and it also allows us to absorb the free electrons which the surface of the Earth provide in abundance.

All this is wonderful if we have the time, energy and safe place to walk barefoot on the grass or along the beach at the waters edge for a few hours a day.  I know I certainly don’t.

Earthing substitutes are now available. These have been developed so we can Earth for as long as we like, sitting at the computer (Mouse Pad),  sitting watching TV   (Universal Mat), while you sleep (Earthing Sheet), while you drive ( Auto Seat).

I started off with a Universal Mat and used it at night while relaxing, then tried it in bed while I slept. Being a restless sleeper I soon purchased a Half Sheet which I found much more comfortable. It was great to wake up in the morning and feel like I had really slept.  I also had a knee injury during this time and know the mat  had a lot to do with the rapid healing and lack of pain.

Another friend  commented the other day how well she and her husband are sleeping since she purchased the Earthing Half  Sheet, an added bonus is that he is not snoring nearly as much or as loud as he did!

Still another friend had suffered what she called “Fuzzy Brain” for months, within two days of using the Universal Mat felt her brain clearing. What she didn’t realize was that we noticed the difference in her, she was definately much clearer in her thinking and conversations.

A guy we know had a minor motor bike accident recently, cracked a rib (ouch). He borrowed a Universal Mat and wrapped it around his middle (under his shirt) – result the pain is nowhere near what he expected.

These are results I am seeing & hearing about personally, not what is claimed in advertising.                                            To me this is the ultimate test.

We have a book called “Earthing”  this is a great read – best of all it just makes so much sense.

If you would like to “test” this product and are able to call into the shop for half and hour or so, you are most welcome to do so.

Don’t forget to mark your Diaries for our Sunday Open Day  27th May – and there are still some vacancies for Spirit Drawings that day too.

Til next time