Update 6th Aug 2012

By August 6, 2012JOPO Updates

Firstly apologies for the Newsletter being so late. Blame the Full Moon but it just did not want to come together any earlier.

Some of you may have tried to contact JOPO by telephone and received a message stating the number is disconnected.  Fortunately it is NOT. The problem seems to be only with those dialing from a Telstra fixed line or Telstra mobile. All the others are fine. The techos are scratching their heads, but have promised it will be fixed – soon. This has now been going on for two weeks so I do hope they locate the problem very soon. If you are unable to contact me, please send an email and I will call you back.

You will notice there are only limited workshops – apart from the regulars, over the next two months. There is a lot planned for October and November so we are taking a little rest over August and September and by October the weather will have warmed a little. (By November we will be complaining about the heat!!)

More updates soon.