Using mirrors in Feng Shui

By July 26, 2017Feng Shui

There are many virtues of using mirrors as a remedy in Feng Shui. Generally mirrors are used to bounce back or redirect chi (energy). This is why positioning of mirrors within an area is to be thought about carefully, so as to provide the best possible route for the energy to work in its prime.

When you are setting up your home using Feng Shui, generally, mirrors can be used in houses when the owners want something to ‘disappear’. An example could be an irregular shape to a corridor, or a bathroom that is located in a badly placed position. In these cases, mirrors can be placed to deflect the attention, so as to ‘appear’ in a better way.

When hanging a mirror, be sure to make sure that it reflects the whole image and doesn’t chop people off at the neck. Mirrors should be kept clean and free of marks.

Mirrors can help to maximise light in a room – and so consequently attracting more chi to the area. If you have a long corridor, it is best to stagger mirrors, so as to not send the chi off, wasting itself. It is never a good idea to have a mirror facing your front door as the good chi that enters your home, may be quickly dispersed back out again. Slightly to the side is preferable, as the chi can then re-align itself.

For the exterior of your property, Bagua Mirrors are placed outside the home or building to repel negative Chi (energy) caused by various poison arrows. Mirrors should be positioned at just the right angle and very importantly not placed so that it deflects on to neighbouring properties, which could impede on their Feng Shui. Angling it slightly upwards is best so that the poison arrows are deflected harmlessly into the air.

Baguar mirrors are octagonal and surrounded by eight trigrams. They should always be attached to a fixed situation – not a moving one such as a door. The Bagua Mirror is NOT to be used indoors. This mirror is made of resin so has a long life in outdoor conditions. My own has been in its current situation for over 10 years and has held its colour. Red or Blue – depending on stock availability

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