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Today on the Blog, I’d like to talk about using sage to cleanse your space.

This is an ancient ritual mainly performed by the Native American Indians to cleanse the energy field of a person or place of any heavy or low energies. Stagnant energy can bring about heaviness to a room, or a blockage, preventing positivity and light to enter.

You may feel that a room in your home or office feels ‘stuck’. Also, you may feel like you have picked up energies from people that are making you feel ‘different or heavy’.

By smudging a space or person with sage, it is like taking an energy shower. The smoke cleanses the energy field and can have a direct impact on reducing stress, removing heaviness or blockages and in turn, create a light and positive feeling.

There are certain times and places, that cleansing your space will feel appropriate. Here are a few examples:

– When you move to a new house
– Where you work
– After you have guests at home
– Upon returning home from a crowded place. E.g. Shopping centre; large crowds

*Cleansing your space or person is easy and can actually be quite relaxing as you begin to dispel the energies that are no longer needed or wanted. If you are unsure of the process, here is a guide that may help you:

1. Use either loose white sage or a sage wand/stick (we stock both at JOPO)

2. Place the loose sage in a heat-proof bowl like an Abolone shell, thick heavy ashtray or bowl made for this use only. Do not use a pyrex dish. JOPO sell the appropriate bowls. You now light the sage in the bowl or light the bundle/wand until it begins to smoke. If you get an actual flame, just GENTLY blow it until the flame dies and just the smoke remains.

3. You should have a lovely smoke stream now. You can use either a feather or your hand to direct the smoke over your body from your feet up to your head and then go back down the body again. If using a bowl, you can hold the bowl in one hand while you wave the smoke with a feather or your hand. As you fan the smoke about your body or a room, have a clear intention of what you would like and you can even make up an incantation if you prefer. Eg. ‘with this smoke, I ask that all lower energies leave this space.’

4. As you do this process, you can visualise the smoke picking up any blockages, negativity or heaviness away. It is an entirely personal process and it really is set by your own intentions.

Once your space/body is cleared, allow the sage bundle to either burn out or gently press it out in your heat-proof bowl. You can bury the remaining smudge in your garden, covering it with soil or sand to complete the process of the cleansing ritual. The sage must not be put out with water as it will become useless to use again. Once it has been completely put out and cooled, you can safely store the unused portion of your sage stick in a zip-lock plastic bag until required again. This storage idea also applies to loose sage.

It is advisable to open all your windows and doors for the smoke to dispel as sage can have a heavy and potent aroma. Also, the practise of opening the windows and doors allows anything that has been cleared away to exit your space easily.

If you are wishing to cleanse an outside area, it is advisable to use rock salt and water in a spray bottle. Spray right around the perimeter of the house/building paying particular attention to doorways. As always, your intention as you perform this is most important.

When cleansing an area with sage, being methodical works well. Working from front to back and ensuring inside wardrobes and under beds are saged is a good practice as the smoke will get into any areas that can have stagnant energy. Working in a clockwise motion is also beneficial.

*Warning – For anyone with asthma or pregnant, it is advisable not to stay in the house whilst the sage smoke is present. Please seek medical advice for further information.

If you would like to purchase a sage wand/stick, loose sage, abalone shells or heatproof smudging bowls, we stock these in store and online.

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