Wednesday 8th December

By December 8, 2010JOPO Updates

Christmas is rolling around fast – I have almost completed my Christmas shopping. Have you?

The shopping centres are beginning to get a little crazy and the drivers – more than a little!! JOPO is in a reasonably quiet street, yes we are away from the main shopping but at least you can park – just remember to ask the Parking Angel for assistance – before you leave home – they are good but if you are just around the corner when you ask – well it may be pushing things a little.

Pangenta’s Cauldron had their final night at JOPO for this year last Thursday. This was not a typical night but a beautiful tribute to a popular member who recently and suddenly passed into Spirit. Pangentas will be back at JOPO Thursday 3rd February, 2011.

Caterina & Lucy join us tomorrow night, unfortunately for those who have left it late,  the night is completely booked out. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing these two work together for the first time.

We have been looking at different workshops for next year and I am pleased to tell all those who have great hippie memories that we have organized a couple of Tye Dying workshops. Tshirts, pillow-cases, skirts even throws for the lounge or massage table. I love rainbow colours so am on the lookout for a couple of items to try my hand. We will have one weekend and one week night class (2hours) to begin with, although I have a feeling they will continue as some of us may become somewhat addicted.  The Monday morning meditation group will not be continuing, although Monday evenings with Doris will go on. If you have any ideas for Workshops please email me and we will see what we can organize.

Christine & Geoff (Crystalstargate) have a couple of vacancies for their “Pathways to Self” Workshop (29th Jan & 5th Feb) but book soon. See their link on this website.

That’s about it for this week. Back next Wednesday.