What is Feng Shui

By March 29, 2017Feng Shui

Feng Shui – what is it?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of the art of placement and it is believed that this energy is like the force of the wind (‘Feng’) and the flow of water (‘Shui’).

Have you ever entered a home and just felt at ease, comfortable and nurtured? Or entered a home and wanted to wrap your arms around yourself and shiver – feeling cold, uncomfortable and wanting to leave ASAP? This is a good indication of the energy within the home – the first home has good Feng Shui – the second not so much.

There are two schools of Feng Shui – the original one that has been known for thousands of years and the second which emerged sometime in the 1960’s. One works on direction and the other on a fixed grid. When I was studying Feng Shui we did an exercise that proved to me the old system surely works and that is what I always use.

There are many books available on Feng Shui some good and some average. My advice – follow your gut instinct – it will never lead you wrong.

Below is a grid showing the direction for certain life areas. You can place the floor plan of your house over this grid to find out which areas relate to the grid. It can be used over the whole house or just one room.

A compass makes finding direction easy but if you remember the sun rises in the East and sets in the West this will give you a reasonable idea of the direction of your home.

We tend to concentrate on the Wealth and Relationship areas, but others are just as important especially Helpful People (where would we be without them?) and Fame which I relate to our reputation.

One thing I do stress – don’t change too much at once otherwise you will not know what IS working.

For now…have a think about how clutter plays in your home. As Feng Shui is not simply the rearrangement of furniture, it also helps us to take control by noticing certain patterns that reflect and flow in and around us.

Often a cluttered room may be an indication that we feel cluttered in our mind or lives. By discarding unnecessary clutter in your home and by prioritising what the most important things are, it is believed that we trigger our mind to take the same action, making space for the more important things in our life. This will then allow more focus on finding a peaceful and successful fulfilment in your life.

In Feng Shui terms, by the clearing away of clutter, you are inviting a stronger life force (chi) to flow through your home, which in turn will bring clarity.

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